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What If Histories of Australia 2

Gold Rush: Going Gold Crazy

Authors: Craig Cormick Illustrator: Cheri Hughes
Australian History, Fiction
128mm x 198mm

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An amusing look at the alternative paths that Australian history might have taken.

The What If histories of Australia imagines a very different history of Australia, where the unexpected happens in unexpected ways. Starting by defining the real histories, the book then looks at possible paths of different settlements that history could have taken.

What if Captain Cook’s ship sank when it hit the Great Barrier Reef in 1770? And what if the French settled Australia first? And what if King Louis 16th and Napoleon both ended up here, fighting over who was the rightful ruler in exile? And then the British arrived… A very different and amusing history of Australia, where the unexpected happens in unexpected ways.

Craig Cormick

Craig Cormick

Craig Cormick is an award-winning author and science communicator, with a special interest in history. He has lived in Iceland and Finland and has travelled to Antarctica four times – though he really prefers the tropics. He has written over 30 books for adults and children and he enjoys messing with history just about as […]

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Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes was born in Japan and raised in both the U.S. and Japan. She studied design in Japan and specialises in illustration. Even as a small child, and prior to any studies, she always knew what she would be doing and that involved creating a world through visual interpretation. Cheri moved around a lot […]

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