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Whatever Remains

A true story of secret lives and hidden families

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Authors: Penny F Graham
230mm x 155mm

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I inherited a history. As a young child, I was given an account of my past, of my parents’ families and their traditional upper middle class British background. As a young adult, with the surfacing of unexplained events, I began to progressively question the elements of that neat little packaged history. My disbelief of the so-called facts grew and grew until finding the truth became one of the driving forces of my life, and led me to begin a voyage of discovery that would last for nearly 30 years.

Whatever Remains is a true story. The fall of Singapore is considered one of Britain’s worst defeats of the Second World War. For Penny Graham’s father, however, it became a life-changing opportunity to shed once and for all of the shackles of a family he no longer wanted. From 1942 onwards her parents would carry passports that gave them backgrounds that had nothing to do with reality.

In 2010, a recognised Australian author claimed that her father and mother were involved in espionage for the British Government before, during and after World War 2. Although he worked in Australian naval intelligence during the war, there is no evidence whatsoever that he was an M16 spy. He clearly had his own motives for the change of identity and he used his background as a veil.

Penny Graham spent most of her adult life unravelling the truth about her family history. Her journey took her around the world twice, on many twists and turns, false leads and dead ends as she discovers how her father managed to hoodwink so many people in his long and complex life. Whatever Remains is a beautifully written story about solving mysteries, conquering adversity and ultimately finding where you belong in the world. It’s a slice of history worth telling.

“Whatever Remains, is one of the most extraordinary books based on historical research it has been my pleasure to read.” Dr Peter Stanley

Penny F Graham

Penny F Graham

Penny Graham was born in Perth, Western Australia. Penny grew up mainly in Perth and she had a very isolated and unusual childhood. Her early life was spent travelling and residing in many countries and locations across Australia, Singapore and England. After marriage and raising a family, she worked as a public servant with the […]

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2 reviews for Whatever Remains

  1. Really enjoyed this book which was a great and intriguing story well told. It rEsonated on so many levels. I live in Canberra, have done a bit of my own family history with quite a few mysteries yet to be solved. I too recently visited Ireland and went to Castlepollard to trace my family and even I suspect stayed at the same youth hostel in Grasmere.

  2. This is an absorbing work that gives full descriptions of life from the mid-1930s in Malaya, the evacuation of Singapore as it fell to the Japanese in February 1942, post-war days in suburban Australia, and the experience of raising a young family in the latter decades of last century.

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