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Why God Hates Me

A memoir

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Authors: Patricia Barton

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“Brilliant story-telling.” Bryce Courtenay

“A remarkable and heart-warming story, well told. This story of a struggle against difficulties is told with honesty and generosity, and will resonate with a great many people.” Dr. Barbara Brooks, writer and teacher

‘Shame on you – You should be ashamed of yourself.’ I was ashamed. Ashamed of all the things I have done wrong and ashamed of all the things I should have done. Life was hard. I tried not to make mistakes.

Growing up poor, fatherless and unwanted in a small Canadian town, Patricia Barton had plenty be sorry about. Spitting out the host at her Holy Communion it seemed that she had even failed God.

After years of abuse and neglect, Patricia ran away from home at the age of 13, searching for her father and a better life. Instead she finds herself in an orphanage, alone and abandoned.

Refusing to give up on her dreams, her persistence and passion for learning win her a scholarship. At 16, when released from the Home, she goes to live with her older sister in a tiny room. Life still has challenges but she is making her own way.

Patricia’s journey is a heart-warming and at times confronting. It is a series of adventures – picaresque, interesting and sometimes even bizarre – but through it all she never loses sight of her dreams. She wins a beauty contest, travels to Europe, becomes an actress and moves to Australia with her new husband where she becomes a successful model and furthers education. Where she once seemed destined to be homeless and alone she has now built a fulfilling life in the “Lucky Country” with a dream home, opportunities and family of her own.

A beautifully written and inspiring memoir, Why God Hates Me, is the before and after story of a gutsy teenager who succeeds despite the odds. It is a moving and uplifting story that shows what can happen when you claim responsibility for your own happiness and let hope and optimism shine through. It is a Cinderella story that has stood the test of time with the ultimate prize – happiness!

Patricia Barton

Patricia Barton

Patricia Barton always wanted to be a writer. At the age of 12 she wrote a column for the High School newspaper and her love of writing was born. She was always felt her life was unusual and wanted to write her story to inspire others who might start life with a less than perfect […]

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3 reviews for Why God Hates Me

  1. I bought this book and went for coffee and found it completely captivating

  2. This book should be read by teenagers and be on the school curriculum.

  3. Couldnt put it down. An interesting insight into the life of a poor young girl born in the 1930s in Canada. Cannot believe Patricia made it through life without too much baggage! Really well written memoir. An easy yet confronting read. Thank you, Patricia, for pouring out your soul on paper for us all to read.

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