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David Craig

In the secret world of Covert Operations, Undercover Operatives' lives depend on their ability to both, tell lies and detect lies. As an expert in covert operations, Dr. David Craig has been teaching and researching these techniques in Australia and overseas for over 20years. He completed a professional law doctorate (covert operations) in 2000 and has published several articles in Australia and overseas on the subject of undercover operations.

David has conducted international research into, and assessed undercover & covert infiltration programs in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

David is no armchair academic – His career as a Federal Agent/Detective Superintendent over 22 years with the AFP in various countries resulted in his involvement in both overt and covert roles, including East Timor (Peace keeping) and Afghanistan (NATO). He retired from the AFP in July 2013. In addition to the AFP, for the past 8years David also runs his own consultancy for covert operations in Australia and overseas.

David has undertaken significant international police operations such as leading the investigation into the Bali 2 bombing in 2005, David has also personally undertaken and supervised many covert operations and roles. It is from these roles, and his personal research into the subject and tactics of covert operations – that he felt that the clever covert techniques he’d learnt and was teaching to Covert operatives could and should be used to benefit ‘everyday people in everyday situations’.

Dr David Craig undertook a thesis on international comparative analysis of the law and practice of Federal undercover programs in the Australia, the United States (DEA, FBI, US Customs and IRS), Canada (RCMP), the UK (England, Wales and Scotland – UK Customs, National and Scottish Crime Squads & Scotland Yard) and the Netherlands (Polite). He visited all these countries when undertaking his research and interviewed a range of personnel from legal officers to undercover practitioners and those that supervise undercover officers.

His thesis was assessed and accepted unanimously by three independent high level assessors (2 Law Faculty Deans and 1 x Dean of Criminology). He was awarded the SJD in 2001, and has since published several academic articles in Australia and overseas on subject of undercover operations. Dr David Craig studied at the Law Faculty, Bond University, Australia.

David’s first book an international bestseller shows how to tell when someone lies – Unlocking Secrets, assists with uncovering what the truth is, behind the lie. Lie Catcher, was a best seller in Australia – in ITunes IBookstore top seller internationally – and has been reproduced Mexico, Spain, America and UK – and translated into Arabic worldwide.

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