Diane Evans

Diane Evans

For Diane the journey into motherhood has been an amazing and at times tumultuous ride. She had her first baby in 2001 and by 2005 had added two more to the brood.

After working as a Human Resource executive across a diverse range of industries she thought she was ready for any curve balls motherhood could serve up – after all she was used to dealing with conflict, chaos and the odd tantrum!

Diane quickly realised that being a mum has its own unique set of uplifting experiences and challenges and the old adage that “nothing can prepare you” was true.

With more than 15 years experience in the HR field, she juggled full-time and part-time work with raising her family before starting her own consulting business. She now works with organisations on people management and work and life balance issues. In addition, because you can never be busy enough, with the launch of her own book she decided that there where opportunities for Australian authors that could be and should be promoted – subsequently her new role as publisher.

Diane and her husband, Barry, live in Brisbane with their three beautiful children where life is always interesting as they strive to find the right work and family balance for their family.

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