Josh Langley

Josh Langley

Josh Langley has spent the last 17 years in radio as an advertising copywriter and has been nominated and won several state, national and international copywriting awards. He also owns his own creative agency. In 2018 he was awarded the 2018 Australian Book Industry Award for Children’s Picture Book of the Year, Small Publisher.

Always happy to be alone in his own company, his imagination was his best friend as a kid and never got upset when friends left or moved away. “I later realised I didn’t need to rely on other people to make me happy. I enjoyed their company, but never craved or placed major expectations on people.’ – Josh said.

Years later after his Partner went off on a Buddhism course and came home with homework about looking for happiness, Josh knew there and then that our normal view of ‘happiness’ was deeply flawed. “There must be more life than just new cars, bigger homes and new shoes” Josh thought.

As more and more of his friends and family came out of the closet and admitted they were suffering from depression (including his partner), it only confirmed what Josh already quietly knew. If you expect ‘things’ to make you permanently happy, you’re going to be disappointed.

His experience with Tibetan Buddhism lead to deeper searching about the nature of reality and consciousness Josh found himself immersed in the search for the afterlife, devouring every book he could find on the topic.

So while writing commercials by day, by night he was researching the big questions about life and death for a book he wanted to write which took him on a wonderful and bizarre journey that lead to some profound insights.

While he still has a keen interest in investigating the ‘otherside’, it was the Past Life regression he understood as part of the search that turned things on their head. He wasn’t an American Indian or some great prince, but rather lived more mundane existences. However a month or two afterwards, he started to draw cute little inspiring cartoons with deep spiritual messages. A little bewildered by the ease and format in which they developed as Josh hadn’t anticipated in becoming a cartoonist, he just went with it and wondered where it would all end up.

“I just started drawing stick figure cartoons with these pearls of wisdom and it really came out of what seemed nowhere and but looking back it all makes sense.” It was the perfect counter balance to his day job of writing radio commercials.

Josh also writes articles about happiness and being happily human for many Inspirational, Mind / Body / Spirit magazines and websites.

He lives in the South West of Western Australian, on 7 Acres, with his partner along with a few chooks, veggie garden, a myriad of native birds and a snake called Bernard.


“Well done, Josh. I’m really digging your work, and following your journey. I love that you provide insight and encouragement without preaching. I love the humour. I love the imagery. I love the message. Congratulations!”Renee Price.

“Josh is an inspirational speaker and a wonderful writer – we loved having him at our library event…will definitely book him again”Karen Den Librarian

“You are inspiring to children, they are our future .. thank you. ” Katharina Surtees

Visit Josh on Facebook Or on the Frog and the Well website

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