July 16, 2020

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Major General William Holmes | WWII – Atomic Salvation | The Holocaust – Tragedy at Evian  |  Hitler’s Panzers | Boer War Letters – General Hutton  | Korean War 
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ATOMIC SALVATION: How the A-Bomb Attacks Saved the Lives of 32 Million People | Tom Lewis OAM  
If the war had continued, it’s entirely possible that as many as 27 million Japanese might have died, as the Allied armies blasted their way from the initial landing zones at the Kyushu Peninsula up towards Tokyo.” Dr Tom Lewis  READ MORE
Never has such an exhaustive analysis been made of the necessity behind bringing WWII to a halt. Detailed investigation argues that sadly for those who died, the deaths of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved the lives of many millions … READ MORE
ISBN: 9781922387028| RRP: $29.99 | July Release

THE KOREAN KID: A young Australian pilot’s baptism of fire in the jet fighter age | Rochelle Nicholls Marking the 70th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. The story of the ‘Korean Kid’ – 21-year-old Jim Kichenside and the Australian pilots who took to the skies in the ‘forgotten war’ on the Korean peninsula. READ MORE 
ISBN: 9781922387042| RRP: $29.99 | July Release

LETTERS FROM THE VELDT: The imperial advance to Pretoria through the eyes of Edward Hutton and his brigade of colonials | Craig Stockings An exploration of the Australian Boer War experience through the eyes of the British Major General Edward Thomas Henry ‘Curly’ Hutton and his letters to home. Researched and written by one of Australia’s foremost military historians. READ MORE
ISBN: 9781922265975 | RRP: $29.99 | July Release


WILLIAM HOLMES: the Soldier’s General | Geoffrey Travers  
‘This is a well written tribute to a leader of whom Australians should know more.’ – Hon John Howard OM AC

The story of one of the foremost Australian citizen soldiers of his time, Holmes, a contemporary of John Monash, arguably achieved more in his early career than his peer and, had he survived, been a contender for command of the Australian Corps in 1918. READ MORE    |  ISBN: 9781922387004 | RRP: $34.99 | July Release 



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