Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris is the Director of the Australian Missing Persons Register, which she founded in 2005. In June 2023 Nicole won the Compassion in Media award from the Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group. In 2012 Nicole won the Queensland Pride of Australia award for Community Spirit, then in the same year went on to win the National gold medal. She has been nominated twice for Australian of the Year. She has appeared many times on radio and television and in newsprint. She is a voice for voiceless missing persons, tirelessly making appeals for them, and raising awareness. She has provided comfort and guidance to countless families and friends of missing persons as they undertake their journeys to find their lost loved ones. Her Facebook page is followed by hundreds of thousands of people, and she has gained the respect of law enforcement and government agencies both in Australia and around the world. Vanished is her first book sharing the stories from families of Australian missing persons.


Books by Nicole Morris

They just vanished … Disappeared. Gone. Lost. No answers. Still missing. Imagine the pain, confusion…

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