Patricia Barton

Patricia Barton

Patricia Barton always wanted to be a writer. At the age of 12 she wrote a column for the High School newspaper and her love of writing was born. She was always felt her life was unusual and wanted to write her story to inspire others who might start life with a less than perfect start. She has Bachelor in Professional Writing from RMIT and a BA at University of Canberra followed by an MA in English at ADFA. She has studied in Paris with Patti Miller and worked with Cath Hammond, Beth Yahp, Dr Barbara Brooks and Bryce Courtenay. She has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Bulletin. She is currently working on her second book.

Books by Patricia Barton

“Brilliant story-telling.” Bryce Courtenay “A remarkable and heart-warming story, well told. This story of a…

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