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Military Spouses & Encouraging Conversations
Dreaming Soldiers wins Speech Pathology Book of the Year – Indigenous Category.
Speech Pathology Australia ‘Book of the Year’ Awards shortlist announced!
Radio Interview – Ever wondered what it would have been like to be a chopper pilot in the Vietnam War?
Does birth order influence a child’s personality?
The Importance of Teaching Students about Totalitarian Idelogies – interview Just Write for Kids
The purpose of writing ‘The Empire has an Answer’
Children’s books …. Just how deeply do they impact your child’s development?
Interview Time – Listen to teenage expert Michelle Mitchell chatting about resilience in children
Three Big Sky Publishing titles shortlisted for the Australian Speech Pathology Awards 2019
New Book ‘Duty Nobly Done’ a hit with readers!
Sonia Bestulic launches new book ‘Kisses in Your Heart’  – Harry Hartogs Miranda
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