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Good to know you’re not alone … New Book ‘Second Child’ | Big Sky Publishing


Good to know you’re not alone … New Book ‘Second Child’

July 23, 2019

From authors of Second Child, Susan Moore and Doreen Rosenthal:

We’ve been asked what was the most surprising thing we found when researching and writing Second Child.

To start with was the world trend toward so many couples choosing to have just one child.  It seems that many parents feel unsure about whether to commit to a second baby and are looking for help to assess the pros and cons.

A pleasant surprise was how much support there is for parents online.  Much of it is from other mothers, sharing their dramas, failures and successes and most importantly, having a few laughs together.  Good to know you’re not alone while you’re struggling with the 2.00 am feed, the 3-year old jealous of new baby or the squabbling teenagers.

During our research for Second Child, we talked to mothers and fathers, first-borns and second-borns, and we watched families interacting at shopping centres, sportsgrounds and entertainment venues. Not really surprising but lovely to see was how many modern dads are shaping up to the childcare challenge, and how parents now seem more likely to use distraction, soothing or reasoning to calm a fractious child, rather than yelling or smacking. Father involvement and calm, confident parenting make a huge positive difference to family atmosphere, especially as families expand.

Maybe the biggest surprise was how much we enjoyed sharing our own reminiscences. We’re both at grandparent stage now, but how satisfying it was to look back on our time as young mothers. Times have changed but babies are still a joy and a trial. It was also sobering to realise how much we both fit the stereotype of first-borns – conscientious, studious, bossy, goody-goodies! No wonder our younger siblings got cross with us sometimes.

What didn’t surprise us was the impossibility of deciding on a ‘one size fits all’ description of how families respond to having a second child. From our own experiences, having a sibling is like the curate’s egg, both good and bad. Luckily for both of us, the good occurred much more than the bad; our siblings are still around to tease us, get annoyed with us, and love us – as we do them.

Second Child is available now at all good bookstores including Dymocks, QBD and online at Booktopia or BigSkyPublishing here.

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