Adam Blum

Adam Blum

Adam Blum had a troubled start in life. Born in 1992, he was plagued by health issues. As an infant and throughout his childhood, Adam endured a debilitating series of surgical procedures.

His school years were a torture. Experiencing both health issues and ADHD, Adam faced constant bullying. His self-esteem was shattered under the weight of the relentless taunts and physical abuse of his peers. The persistent bullying continued into adulthood and in the workplace. At the age of 22, and suffering from severe depression, Adam decided to take his own life. One phone call changed his destiny. Adam is still here to tell his story of the obstacles he overcame, of forging fortitude, and how, essentially, his life was twice saved while battling the black dog of depression.

Adam lives in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and is currently a firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). He is the creator and host of a highly successful podcast called True Blue Conversations (Formerly True Blue History). Adam hopes that the stories within Easy Target will help others build their own inner strength and self-worth.

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