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Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville HB

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Authors: Robert Vescio Illustrator: Cheri Hughes
Sustainability, Nature and caring for our planet
230mm x 260mm


Something VERY valuable is buried in Bunnyville and it’s right under the bunnies’ little pink noses!

Barnaby is a bunny with big ideas and plans to make Bunnyville a better place. Barnaby wants a garden, but the mayor won’t agree, ‘Bunnies don’t plant, Bunnies dig!’

Barnaby refuses to give up and comes up with a clever plan to help the other bunnies discover where the real treasure is kept!

Written by Robert Vescio and beautifully illustrated by Cheri Hughes, Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville is a story to remind us of the true value of our earth and celebrate the gifts it produces. Set in a fictional town of Bunnyville this easy to read story showcases through beautiful illustrations and a sense of fun how simple ideas can have a big impact when it comes to helping our environment.

National Tree Day promoted by Planet Ark is recognised by schools and kindergartens nationally. Sunday, 31 July 2016 – National Tree Day. Friday, 29 July 2016 – Schools Tree Day.

Barnaby dreams of making the earth productive … may his dreams come true for his readers.’ – Sally Odgers, Author

Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes was born in Japan and raised in both the U.S. and Japan. She studied design in Japan and specialises in illustration. Even as a small child, and prior to any studies, she always knew what she would be doing and that involved creating a world through visual interpretation. Cheri moved around a lot […]

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Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio always has a story on the bookshelf, one on his desk and another in the pipeline. He writes picture books and short stories for children and himself a storyteller because he loves to spin a good yarn! His goal as a children’s author is to inspire, encourage and challenge children to dream big […]

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4 reviews for Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville HB

  1. This ambrosial little tale about bunnies and treasure hunting neatly encapsulates Vescio’s subtle plea for perseverance and preservation in a way that will appeal to under 6-year-olds. It gently emphasises that ‘a tree is a treasure’ and that from little things, big things, important things really do grow. A playful and useful way to introduce young readers into food production and conservation. (I love Hughes pumpkin bright illustrations and amazing seed-studded end pages, too!) Dimity Powell, Boomerang Blog!

  2. The mayor’s orders were no one was allowed to grow anything in the village because rabbits don’t plant they only dig. Barnaby disagreed with the mayor, so devised a plan to change the way he thought. What is Barnaby’s plan? Will the mayor change his mind? If so, how does it happen & why? Read this imaginative story to find the answers.

  3. Author, Robert Vescio, has created a wise character in his picture book, Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville. Barnaby is a bunny who likes to think. He is also a bit of a rebel, in the kindest of ways as he doesn’t accept the mayor’s view that bunnies don’t plant, they only dig. Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville is a wonderful tale of thinking outside of the box. The story clearly shows a problem and the planning to overcome the problem.

  4. Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville is a wonderful tale of thinking outside of the box. Illustrator, Cheri Hughes, has created colourful double spread pictures to complement Robert’s story. The eye catching colours will keep children’s eyes glued to the pages as they listen to, or read, the story that unfolds. Watch out for a beetle on each of the pages with Barnaby. It is always up to something and has a story of its own. Another illustration point to investigate the end pages of the book. Cheri has illustrated all sorts of seeds from Barnaby’s collection.

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