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Married Quarter

Boots, Berets, and Bloody Uniforms

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Authors: Maria Augustus-Dunn
Military spouse
155mm x 230mm

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Serving the nation in uniform is a career choice. But have you ever wondered about the life of a partner of these brave men and women?

Married Quarter is a light-hearted glimpse into the world of the service family, through deployments, postings, illnesses and into retirement.

You will laugh and cry as Maria Augustus-Dunn tells you her story: from the perils of dining-in nights to meeting the King of Cambodia; from her disastrous attempt at making a cheesecake to seeing her husband off for a 12-month deployment; from arriving in Townsville in the middle of a cyclone to breaking down on the side of a mountain in Tasmania with a caravan in tow. Married Quarter takes you on a 21-year journey of the highs and lows of life as the spouse of a serving soldier.

This book is dedicated to the thousands of unsung heroes — the military spouses of Australia.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Legacy

Maria Augustus-Dunn

Maria Augustus-Dunn

Maria Augustus-Dunn was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1961 and grew up in Reservoir, in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. She married Brad, the love of her life, in 1990. In 2011 both Maria and Brad retired at the age of 50 and opted for life as grey nomads, travelling the highways and byways of […]

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9 reviews for Married Quarter

  1. From a non military perspective, I was hooked. I read through the night, page turning. At times sad,then happy with a few good laugh out loud moments. I’m hoping for a second book to come out.

  2. This book was thoroughly enjoyable, as well as humorous. The author rights in a very accessible and relatable style and provides the reader with a strong sense of life in the army for a military spouse. I couldn’t put the book down and laughed out loud a lot. This is a story about family, military life, travel, friendship, illness and a beautiful marriage. Highly recommended. I am not a military person, but I think the book holds very broad appeal to military as well as civilian audiences. Loved it!

  3. I have just finished reading Married Quarter and have to report that it was a thoroughly enjoyable, and funny, read. I am an old friend of the author so my comments may appear a little biased, but I have had little contact with Maria during her married life due to all her postings (and living overseas myself). There were many things in the book I knew nothing of. What struck me most was Maria’s absolute love of life and her ability to rise to any challenge, all with enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Well done, Maria. I loved it!

  4. 1350 is a brilliant example of the highs and lows of being a Military Spouse. One minute I was laughing then the next crying and could totally relate to many of the stories. What a journey, it was so exciting to finally have this book in my hands, but now I am sad, I did not want it to finish. Hoping there will be another book from Maria one day!

  5. Loved it!!! So very good!!!

  6. Maria’s gift is sharing her ‘married spouse’ years in the Aus Army showing the grit, practicality, humour and love making her experiences vivid to the non-military reader. I read MQ in one go!

  7. A most delightful lighthearted rendition of her personal journey as the spouse of a military member. I laughed, shed a tear, and chuckled my way through the chapters but it ended all to soon. I wanted the journey to last a bit longer…congratulations Maria.

  8. Married Quarter comprehensively covers all aspects of military life from the spouse point of viewpoint. It does so with a mix of humour, good advice and enlightenment for those who are currently, or about to become, the partner of a serviceman. A very readable work, accompanied by a generous collection of photographs and a chapter devoted to ‘military-speak’ to civilian-speak translation, it is relatively free of military terminology. This is book to be enjoyed by both those associated with the military and ‘devout civilians’.

  9. ‘The best book I have read in ages’
    The bookshop Caloundra

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