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Pieces of Me, DVD

Genetically flawed - surviving the cancer I may never have

Authors: Denny Neave

This year three sisters, all vibrant, young women, may have their perfectly healthy breasts removed in the hope of saving their lives. They’ve all tested positive for BRCA2, a genetic malfunction, and inherited gene disorder that means they are at a significantly higher than normal risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer before they turn 50.

They are all now going through the pain and heartache of having to make a decision to remove their breasts now whilst they are young and healthy and have no symptoms of cancer or wait until cancer sets in. Choosing to have both their breasts removed could circumvent what is a family history of women dying young of breast cancer.

One sister has chosen to have a full prophylactic mastectomy to remove her healthy breasts. The other two are struggling with difficult decision making process to bring the future into the present and have their breast removed in order to reduce the risk of developing cancer at a later date.

Pieces of Me provides a human face to the accelerating scientific advancements in genetic identification. The science of genetics is expanding faster than cures or treatments, so what do people do when diagnosed with a faulty gene, knowing that a cure is still far behind?

Denny Neave

Denny Neave

Denny Neave lives in Queensland. His family’s military history began with his Great Great Uncle Ted Hawkins who served in the Crimean war, the Boer War and WWI. His Great Grand Father, John Lingard Neave, served in the navy during WWI and Grand Father John Lingard Neave the second, served with the Militia in New […]

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