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Soldiers’ Tales No. 2

A collection of true stories from Aussie Soldiers

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Authors: Denny Neave
History, Military, Stories

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Soldiers’ Tales 2 is a unique collection of personal accounts told by soldiers or relatives who have lived with their stories. Spanning the period from World War I through to the conflicts of the modern era, these stories are a mixture of the humorous and the intensely emotional. This collection is unmistakably Australian and is a combination of larrikin yarns and other more serious stories that tell of tragedy and often unspoken pain.

Soldiers’ Tales 2 paints a vivid picture of the soldier’s life, both in war and peace. Including tales such as the moment of victory in battle, celebrated with the raising of a battered slouch hat in lieu of a flag, the poignancy of Anzac Day in the devastated war cemetery of battle-scarred Baghdad, and the stark letters from diggers in Timor coping with the aftermath of a national tragedy, these stories showcase both the sad and the uplifting, while also capturing the often laconic humour of the Aussie digger.

The stories within Soldiers’ Tales 2 will warm the heart, bring a smile to the face or a tear to the eye. These tales will appeal to all ages, offering younger readers a fascinating insight into the mind of the soldier at war. The book is stylishly presented and designed for easy reading, the perfect gift book for all ages.

What readers are saying…. “The individual style of each story teller lends itself to easy reading, as a matter of fact, it was hard to put down. One can relate to the stories told, especially tothose who have served in the defence force past and present.. I enjoyed its content immensley!”

Denny Neave

Denny Neave

Denny Neave lives in Queensland. His family’s military history began with his Great Great Uncle Ted Hawkins who served in the Crimean war, the Boer War and WWI. His Great Grand Father, John Lingard Neave, served in the navy during WWI and Grand Father John Lingard Neave the second, served with the Militia in New […]

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6 reviews for Soldiers’ Tales No. 2

  1. The individual style of each story teller lends itself to easy reading , as a matter of fact, it was hard to put down. One can relate to the stories told, especially to those who have served in the defence force past and present.. I enjoyed its content immensley!

  2. congratulations on such a fine book

  3. Great work on the book – these stories are too valuable (and entertaining) to die off and through your work they will live on. Congratulations and thank you for doing what you do.

  4. Congratulations on a first class effort. I thought the illustrations were first class, as was the balance between the stories. In all a quality product . No doubt you are quite proud of it and you have every right to be so.

  5. WHEN the histories of wars or battles are written they usually focus on the commanders or the heroic exploits of soldiers who turn the tide of battle. But there are millions of other stories to be told of the other soldiers who take part in wars and also police actions, military training missions and peacekeeping efforts. This book includes personal accounts from Australian soldiers from World War I, through World War II, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Timor up to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some accounts are brief, others more detailed. Some are in the thick of battle, others talk of building bridges, holding an Anzac Day ceremony in a war zone, being taken prisoner, taking an enemy surrender or even recovering a lost body. This is a fascinating cross section of tales, letters and poems about what it is to be a soldier. There is no glorification of war here, only the recognition of the fact people suffer, survive, thrive and even joke under some unimaginable conditions.

  6. Soldiers’ Tales is a collection of very short stories of Australian soldiers in action around the world. The stories we are told are true and I have no reason to doubt this but, knowing soldiers, sometimes the story is embellished. In the end this does not really matter because all the stories are wonderful and worthy of the telling. To give a couple of examples: ANZAC Day in Bagdad by Col Marcus Fielding What seemed like a good idea took on a life of its own. After visiting a Commonwealth war grave site in Bagdad, Marcus thought this would be a good site for a Dawn Service in April. Little did Marcus know that a simple idea would become a major undertaking. Marcus explains the logistics of the whole undertaking but the outcome is a moving adventure which he shares with us. Missing Crate of Beer by Nick Main In New Guinea in 1945 I am sure that Nick, like many of us, felt the need for a beer. Asking Australian servicemen to unload a barge full of beer was clearly a challenge that good soldiers must rise to, so Nick and his mates did just that! Suffice to say that if Australians can fool the Japs in Changi they can certainly fool the Red Caps in New Guinea. A simple tale, less than a page, but I reckon you could dine out on that story for a year at least. Warren Baker

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