Jed Hart

Jed Hart

Jed Hart joined the navy as a seaman midshipman, served at sea during the Indonesian confrontation of Malaysia then changed to aircrew in late 1966. After wings award in Pensacola he was posted to the RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam and flew with the US Army’s 135th Assault Helicopter Company. Jed left the navy in 1970 and flew and instructed on helicopters in New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Scotland. He joined Shell International in 1982 to work in Brunei as a pilot, then Peru as head of security, and finally in London as a Shell Group Aviation Adviser. After leaving Shell in 1990 he became Aviation Manager for BHP before he and his wife founded Hart Aviation, a company that grew to operate in sixty countries. He now divides his time between Melbourne, Point Lonsdale and Byron Bay where he writes, spends time with family and friends and goes fishing.

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"A great piece of RAN FAA history collected and catalogued." - Captain Andrew Craig, RAN…

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