Jorge Sotirios

Jorge Sotirios

Jorge Sotirios was born in the shadow of Bradman Oval in the Southern Highlands of NSW and worked at his father’s Mittagong cafe when not obsessively following the St. George Dragons.

Since then he has travelled the globe as travel journalist covering the Arts, the Environment, Politics and Culture and has written for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Literary Review. Part philosopher, part adventurer and always the clown, Sotirios has travelled to 30 countries working as a foreign correspondent.

Lonesome George Cést Moi! is his first book and recounts his travels in South America during 2004-2005. A captivating story told with comic flair – romance, broken hearts and self exploration – told with wry humour while illuminating the beauty and culture of Argentina.

Books by Jorge Sotirios

Lonesome George, C’est Moi! is a travel adventure and comedy of epic proportions. In his…

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