Kay Danes

Kay Danes

Kay Danes knows what it is like to live dangerously. In December 2000, she and her husband Kerry, an Australian SAS soldier were illegally held hostage in Laos. There they endured brutal interrogations, mock executions and torture. The Australian Government immediately intervened and after almost a year of diplomatic haggling, finally secured the couple's release.

Since that horrific ordeal, Kay Danes has become one of Australia's most recognised humanitarians. She has addressed several U.S. Congressional forums on democracy, human rights and normalized trade relations, the US National Press Club on torture and arbitrary detainment, and the Conference on World Affairs (2009) in Colorado USA. Speaking on genocide, slavery, human trafficking, trial by media, torture and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Kay is a dynamic and results-driven administrator with over 15 years experience in organisational leadership in the security industry. She provides consultation to the Centre for Public Policy Analysis (foreign policy, national security, refugee and international humanitarian issues).

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