Kevin O’Halloran

Kevin O’Halloran

Kevin ‘Irish’ O’Halloran was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1961 and migrated to Australia with his parents, elder brother and two sisters in 1970. He grew up around the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, for most of his teenage years. In April 1981, he joined the Army and has served on four operational tours of duty, all in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps (RAInf ); two with the 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) and two with the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (2 RAR).

He retired from the Army in 2011 after 30 years’ service. He has written one other book on Rwanda titled Pure Massacre which is his and others’ personal accounts of the deployment to Rwanda and the massacre that occurred at Kibeho in 1995.

Books by Kevin O’Halloran

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