Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and at the age of 19, with very few other prospects, he decided to join the army.

The army was a great fit for Paul, and within 2 years he had been accepted to attempt the SAS (Special Air Service) 4 week, arduous, selection course.  Paul successfully completed the selection course and went on to spend eight years as a member of the SAS.

In February 1995, Paul and his SAS team were deployed the Rwanda as part of the United nations Mission.  In April 1995, Paul was part of small team of soldiers, doctors and nurses who deployed to the Kibeho internally displaced refugee camp.  During the following week, the local military and militia embedded with the refugees massacred several thousand men, women and children, while the small Australian group tried to save as many as possible.

After 10 years in the army, Paul resigned and started working as a Security Consultant.

Paul supported CNN during the 2003 war in Iraq.

Within 24 hours of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Paul was in Banda Aceh supporting the Australian government and Nine News.

Paul was employed as the Security Adviser to the Australian High Commission in Islamabad, and managed evacuations and the recovery of assets for Ross Mining during the civil unrest in Honiara.

In 2010, Paul deployed to the Haiti earthquake to conduct security assessments for major media organizations including 60 Minutes and remained in Haiti developing security management systems for McKinsey & Co. and for a variety of NGO’s including the Clinton Foundation and Partners in Health.

60 Minutes contracted Paul to manage the security planning, and on-the-ground security for high-risk reporting assignments in Mexico City; Culiacan, Sinaloa; Tijuana, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Malaysia and Sierra Leone during the Ebola breakout.

The Ten Network contracted Paul to provide security management for 300 personnel deploy to India for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

During the Arab Spring he managed clients in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya; Tunisia and Egypt.

Paul has worked extensively with clients across Northern Iraq and Northern Syria accessing locations closed to most. He negotiated with rebel forces, liaised with government officials, and assisted with the liberation of members of the International Criminal Court detained in Libya.

Paul designed and delivered security management packages for the Australian embassies in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Jakarta and Japan; as well as for Lukoil’s multibillion-dollar asset in Southern Iraq; in addition to Barrick Gold in Papua New Guinea.

In recent years, Paul managed a team of former Special Forces personnel delivery high level tactical training to the United Arab Emirates military.

Paul recounts many of these experiences in his first book, ‘The Easy Day Was Yesterday’.

Paul is a dynamic motivational speaker and is regularly invited to address various multinational corporations on building aligned, adaptive teams. He regularly appears on television as a security expert.  Recently, Paul was the ambassador for the RSL’s Poppy Appeal in NSW.

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