Professor Nell Arnold

Professor Nell Arnold

Professor Nell Arnold appreciates and understands diversity. Born in Egypt in 1945 to English parents and educated in the U.S.A. where she resided for 32 years, Professor Arnold immigrated to Australia in 1992. At the age of 27, she was awarded Indiana University’s prestigious Garret Epply Alumni Award and served as the inaugural Chair for the International Business Council of the Silicon Valley. In 1976 she helped to launch the famous “Life be in it” campaign with ‘Norm’ in Japan and was later appointed Special Consultant to the State of California directing the arts and cultural presentations for the 1984 Summer Olympics. She has sat on many boards internationally including the Australian International Education Foundation Council and Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra and chaired the Cultural Committee for the Queensland Olympic 2000 Task Force.

Professor Arnold is a human rights activist, involved in fund-raising for Rotary among others. She is presently completing six years as Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and continues a 40 year career in writing, speaking and teaching.

Professor Nell Arnold and Marcus Pedro joint project Three Warriors Within allowed them to share their common goal and passion in working with and motivating young people. They were both unable to read and write and were bullied at school. They both had teachers and mentors who encouraged them to grow and challenge themselves. They have both achieved great things in life and are following their passions. They now share their experience and wisdom with others, to give them the tools and opportunity to build self-confidence and reach for their dreams.

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