Alys Jackson – On the Writing of The Land Belongs to Me

February 11, 2020

The Land Belongs to Me was released in September 2019. It has been described as an eco-poem, nature narrative, and rhyming tale of our natural world. I suppose it is a little of all three.  

As a graduate of Environmental Science and a passionate organic home-gardener, my heart lies in the earth. I have always loved the wild places on this planet and when younger travelled and worked in the Amazon, Himalayas, Northern China and the Middle East. There, I met wonderful people who thought and felt the same way. It is this that makes our current situation so difficult for me to understand. Surely, if so many people feel the same way, we can work together to preserve and protect our natural world. 

I didn’t start out to write about the environment. It just began to creep in. Like the vines growing into the sides of my shed, the tendrils have fixed themselves firmly into my heart and mind. And now, I find I write about little else. 

I recently formed a Facebook group for like-minded writers. It is called Writing for the Environment. Within 10 days we had attracted over one thousand members. Our natural world is in trouble and there are many people looking for ways to help put things right. 

This is why I write books and poetry that reflect our wildlife. I hope to give them a voice and by doing this, encourage inclusive conversations towards a cleaner, healthier world. 

Where better to start than with our children. Children understand more than most. They are connected to the land, to earth and sea and the beauty that comes with feeling completely free. When I give talks and workshops, they are alive with ideas and excitement.  

Sharing our stories builds empathy and helps children develop an understanding of those we share this world with. It is the most important gift we can give.  

The Land Belongs to Me is available through Big Sky or at all good bookstores.   

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