Author Interview: Susan Moore New Age Nanas

June 07, 2012

Author interview: Susan Moore author of New Age Nanas: Being a grandmother in the 21st Century

There’s no question that being a grandmother can be one of the greatest roles life has to offer.

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is often a deeply special connection.

But what if you’re not ready for the role? How do you manage conflicts? What do you do when relationships change? How do you, quite simply, enjoy being Nana?

Authors (and nanas) Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore surveyed more than 1000 Australian women on what it means to be a grandmother. What Doreen and Susan discovered makes for fascinating reading on how to make the most of being a grandparent.

New Age Nanas: being a grandmother in the 21st Century, covers topics such as feelings towards grandchildren, managing changing relationships as grandchildren get older, negotiating conflicts and special issues faced by grandmothers.

Susan Moore spoke to KidsLife Magazine.

Read the interview hereĀ

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