Big Sky Publishing is excited to announce the rights sale of, yet to be released, Atomic Salvation: How The A-Bomb Attacks Saved The Lives Of 32 Million People by Tom Lewis. The book will be published by Casemate Publishers in North America.

June 02, 2020

Atomic Salvation will be released in Australia in July and Casemate will also be aiming to release the title in July in time for the 75th anniversary of this devastating event which is remembered on 6/7 August.

Big Sky Publishing Managing Director Denny Neave said, “Never has such an exhaustive analysis been made of the necessity behind bringing World War II to a halt. This will be a somewhat controversial title, however we felt it an important book to release and we are excited that Casemate think so as well. We have a long relationship with Casemate and we are delighted to be working with them again on this title.”

Atomic Salvation is distributed in Australia by Simon&Schuster for Big Sky Publishing.

For more information please contact Sharon Evans | 0410 332 789 |

About the Book

Atomic Salvation shows, for the first time with numerical analysis, that around 30 million people would have died if the A-bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not taken place. While approximately five million people under Japanese occupation, and within the invading forces would have perished, the majority of the deaths would have been Japanese. Atomic Salvation shows how the A-bomb attacks in fact saved Japan from extinction.

Points of Interest

  • Never has such an exhaustive analysis been made of the necessity behind bringing World War II to a halt.
  • Detailed investigation that argues that sadly for those who died, the deaths of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved the lives of many millions.
  • August 6 and 9 will mark the 75 Anniversary of this devastating event.

Author Bio:

Originally working as a High School teacher, Dr Tom Lewis OAM served as an officer of the Australian Defence Force, where he saw active service as an intelligence analyst in the Middle East. Tom has written 14 other history books, with his most recent being “The Empire Strikes South”, and “Darwin Bombed!” – written for young people – while “Lethality in Combat” remains his most controversial . In 2003 Tom was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for meritorious service to the Royal Australian Navy, particularly in the promotion of Australian naval history.

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