Canberra Times Article Graham Wilsons new book

June 14, 2012

“I have grown to like John Simpson Kirkpatrick as a man and as a soldier… I could sit down with him and enjoy a beer or two. I respect the work that he did at Gallipoli, but unlike the mythologists I recognise just how prosaic that work was.” Graham Wilson

Dust, Donkey’s and Delusion, is a divisive book that examines and clinically shatters the legend surrounding the quintessential Australian ‘hero’ of Gallipoli, Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick the ‘Man with the Donkey’.

The evidence uncovered by author Graham Wilson in this controversial new book does little to sustain the campaign of those seeking a VC for Simpson.

Extend bravery awards: historian

Graham Wilson, an iconoclastic Canberra military historian, says the federal government’s controversial Victoria Cross inquiry will almost certainly have to be extended. The former military intelligence officer, who lodged a 4000-word submission with the inquiry last year, said it had been obvious from the start the panel would not be able to “quarantine” submissions on the 13 soldiers and sailors named as worthy of consideration for retrospective awards by the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, David Feeney, in November.

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