I Confess takes you inside the siege of Tobruk

July 21, 2012

A wonderful review of I Confess by Major General Murray.

At Big Sky – Major General Murray is definetly on the people we wish we had a chance to meet list. It’s wonderful to see that others share that feeling.

“General Murray’s diary entries during the siege of Tobruk and his life after provide a clear, thoughtful and very enlightening account of those fateful and grueling times. I felt like something of an insider walking around with him as he made his rounds to the various camps and was struck by the bravery of the soldiers and the cunning of the leaders taking messages into the enemy camp at night. As a history book it is well worth reading. As an account of human endurance, friendship, bravery, commitment and loss it is a “good read.” We thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to you.” Review by C & t


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