Hooked on Pete Wargents new book Get a Financial Grip

July 19, 2012

LOVING Pete Wargents new book Get A Financial Grip.. more happy readers

“Pete, Really enjoyed your book, I was excited about some of your ideas…there were times when I was really hooked and could not put your book down or sleep. I brought some of your thoughts up with a group of friends…with some good discussion. Anyway, I now have to work on my better half and have a real good crack and I WILL. Would love to read any other thoughts you have regarding trends.” – AC, Moranbah

Pete’s book is available now

Australia all good bookstores, online at BigSky and other online stores as paperback and online.

Worldwide via Amazon, Ibook etc.

Grab a copy and start working your way to financial happiness.. you know you want to.

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