LATEST: “Duty Nobly Done has been selected for the Army’s Professional Military Education Reading List”

December 10, 2019

“As soon as I started reading Duty Nobly Done I just knew that this was something that had to be a part of the Australian Army reading list.” – Lt. Col. Stephen Pata, Chief of Staff, Land Warfare Centre, Kokoda Barracks, Canungra.

I was recently contacted by Lt. Col. Pata and informed that Duty Nobly Done had been selected from a raft of titles to form part of the Army’s Forces Command (‘FORCOMD’) Professional Military Education (‘PME’) Reading List for 2020/21.

Each formation within FORCOMD had to choose a title that will be used as part of a PME during 2020-21. I have been reliably informed that PME reading lists are usually well read by aspiring officers, and are often the subject of essays and papers as well.

The Royal Military College – Australia (‘RMC-A’) received 12 submissions across their formation (which consists of the Land Warfare Centre, RMC Duntroon, and Army Recruit Training Centre) as their contribution to the PME. Lt. Col. Pata had submitted Duty Nobly Done for consideration (pictured right).

I am informed that among the books considered were titles penned by General Stanley McChrystal, retired USMC General James Mattis, and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. From the shortlist of four (4), Duty Nobly Done was selected by RMC-A. The book was presented by Captain Gavin Wickham (pictured left) during the selection phase.

It is indeed a great honour to have my book chosen, particularly as it contains many themes that are synonymous with Australian Army values through the last 100 years – courage, initiative, respect and teamwork. More specifically for the purposes of the PME it includes aspects of leadership, culture and resilience.

I have been invited to attend the PME (Canungra) in June 2020 and give a presentation about the book.

Purchase your copy here and at all good bookstores.

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