My love of the natural world .. Alys Jackson

August 15, 2019

The Land Belongs to Me is a story inspired by my love of the natural world.  It is a story about sharing and respecting our environment, and I like to think that, as well as being fun to read, it will generate thoughtful, inclusive conversation.

Nature has always been my first passion.  After studying Environmental Science in Scotland, I slipped on a backpack and took off on a trip of discovery that lasted twelve years and covered dozens of countries.  To finance my travels, I studied then taught English.  Along the way, I learned Japanese and met my wonderful husband who shared most of my adventures.

In 2000, I arrived in Australia with a suitcase full of notes and have been writing ever since.

I still maintain a strong connection to the environment.  I run an Adelaide Hills Community Food Swap which meets monthly.  My garden is a microcosm of everything I love. I grow over forty types of organic vegetables and herbs, and have planted an orchard of seventeen fruit trees.  I keep chickens and bee hives, and am a firm advocate of permaculture. 

In 2018, I won a grant to fund a series of workshops on Growing and Preserving Edible Produce which included speakers, Sophie Thomson and Malcolm Campbell from ABC Gardening Australia.  These were a great success and reflected the growing interest in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

My love of the natural world infuses my writing.  My short stories and poetry reflect my travels, my respect for indigenous cultures and concerns for the environment. 

In The Land Belongs to Me, I take a humorous look at how we often appear to be fighting over our natural environment instead of sharing what is a finite resource.  It is a book I am proud of. With its beautiful illustrations and fun-to-read-aloud rhymes, I am sure there will be something to delight both children and adults.

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