READ, READ, READ! And Check Out the Teacher Notes!

April 07, 2020

Reading stories is one of the most important gifts we can bestow to our children on their journey to literacy. Not only that, books take you on adventures to magical places, can step you back in time, engage you in intriguing mystery and make us laugh out loud! They are also a magnificent tool to ease anxiety, and … they come with teachers’ notes!

While authorities grapple with this unprecedented crisis, schools are busy preparing for the possibility of shifting to online classrooms. In the meantime, many families are choosing to keep their children at home. In any event, this situation will cause enormous anxiety for all – parents, grandparents, educators and children. We are preparing for the unknown. For the sake of our children, pick up a book and read to them … read lots! Many of the books you have in your home are supported by teacher notes which include loads of activities related to the title. These notes aren’t just for teachers, parents can use them too! Yay! Notes for my titles can be found on my website, while my publisher – Big Sky Publishing – have a huge list of notes to support their children’s titles – check it out here.  Have a hunt in your bookshelves for favourite books and find the corresponding teacher notes online. Pop onto the author’s website and see what additional information you can find, and enjoy the interaction you will have with your child.

Give those eyes a rest from devices and read a book! Fun, guaranteed educational and perfect for the development of literacy.

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