Review time – Thanks to RUSI Victoria for reviewing 3 of our titles in their March 2020 Newsletter

April 07, 2020

Reviewer: Ian George, January 2020
“Many might ask – What is Australia doing in the Middle East and why is Australian treasure and blood being expended there? This new book by a highly-credentialled former Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) analyst who was an Australian member of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) adds considerably to answering this complex question..”

Reviewer: Mike O’Brien, February 2020
“This well-produced, revised and re-titled book tells the story of the oldest continuously operating military airfield in the world.”

Reviewer: Neville Taylor, December 2019

“Pemper has concentrated on the nineteen days in 1999 that Peter Watt was with the UN Peacekeeping Force in East Timor. He arrived on 28th August (the eve of the Independence Referendum) and departed on the last flight carrying UN staff safely out of the country.”

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