Roger Lee’s book is THRILLING!

August 08, 2012

Fantastic Reader Review on Roger Lee’s book Fromelles!

What a great review… I have received Roger Lee’s book and I’m thrilled to have it! Thank you so much! It is so very carefully documented, extremely clear, and most helpful on what are in fact fuzzy areas such as : “Casualty Figures” or “The Trench”. As for the information on the size and composition of : regiments, platoons, brigades, battalions, etc, the mind boggles! I had no idea it was so varied and complicated! In other words, the book opens up vast avenues of reflection and information, and I am learning heaps of things on every page. It’s wonderfully pedagogical, and the lay-out is brilliant. It makes my experience in La Somme a hundred times richer. Hearty congratulations to Roger Lee!”

Fromelles by Roger Lee is available in paperback, Ebook and also as an Apple App – just search Australian Army Campaigns Series!

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