SA & VIC Author Talk: Gregory Bryan

July 30, 2012

A story both of Australia’s past and Australia’s present.

Meet author Gregory Bryan as he discusses his new book in Adelaide and Melbourne

A childhood goal to walk in the footsteps of his favourite author led GREGORY BRYAN, an author and literacy professor, onto the dusty track between Bourke, NSW and Hungerford, Queensland. Henry Lawson made the same trek in search of ‘copy’ in 1893, and for the rest of his life he was influenced and inspired by his time wandering in the outback.

The book is part autobiography and part biography. It is an autobiography of the author’s experiences with his brother overcoming significant obstacles to achieve his dream of walking in Lawson’s footsteps. It paints a vivid picture of some of Australia’s most remote country, the challenges and dangers, the heat, the distance, mosquitoes, blisters and thirst.

At the same time it blends in the biography of Henry Lawson’s captivating life including his marriage, struggles with alcoholism, his suicide attempt, influences upon his writing and his ideals of mateship. Extracts of Lawson’s own writing have been carefully selected and woven into the narrative in a manner that draws parallels between the two experiences and offers fresh insights into his life.

An enthralling story of an ordinary person achieving extraordinary things through unwavering mateship and a dogged determination never to give up.

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