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Australia Remembers – Anzac Day & Beyond
Ultra 106five: WEEKEND WONDERINGS NEW SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM interview with Michelle Mitchell
Military Books Australia: Book Review by Peter Masters for Scorched Earth
REVIEW TIME : “Wings of Gold”  thank you to Reg Watson Friend of   HOBART LEGACY for his review
“Being a detective” – Listen to podcast with with Philip Clark – ABC Nightline
READ, READ, READ!            And Check Out the Teacher Notes!
Review time – Thanks to RUSI Victoria for reviewing 3 of our titles in their March 2020 Newsletter
Good Reading Magazine – Christmas Gift Guide featuring “Scorched Earth” and “Meeting Saddam’s Men”
Royal Australian Air Force is Having a Birthday – Congratulations on 99 years of Service.
HOBART LEGACY INC BULLETIN – Book Review An Interesting Point
Book Review: An Interesting Point
LATEST: “Duty Nobly Done has been selected for the Army’s Professional Military Education Reading List”
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